Poquette Leasing Company, Inc. was started by William Roy Poquette in 1979 to provide his motor repair business, Petoskey Electric Motor Services, Inc., with cost efficient transportation. From there William’s business grew and developed into a family run company run by William’s two sons – John Poquette and Jerry Gravedoni.

From two trucks and trailers, Poquette Leasing Company has grown to a fleet of twenty tractors, fifty trailers – including gravel trains, live bottom flow boys, flatbeds and more. The company operates a modest fleet of larger off-road equipment including dozers, scrapers, cranes and excavators. The growth of the company has led to the formation of JBJ Truck Service, Petoskey Crane Rental, Poquette Aggregate and Bessemer Iron Ore Company.

Poquette Leasing Company, Inc. specializes in the mining and transportation of large quantities of aggregates and the support of contractors.

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